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Do all of your products fold flat for mailing?

Yes, that is the beauty of our 3-dimensional greeting cards, they all fold completely flat for mailing!

Do you offer mailing services?

We offer mailing services for orders over 2,500 pieces.

What kind of postage is required when we mail them?

All products, including their accompanying tags or insert cards, will mail in envelopes at the current USPS First Class rate. If additional inserts (beyond what are sold with the product) are added to the envelope, and the USPS determines the thickness to be greater than 0.25”, you may have to pay an additional $0.20 per piece for a USPS non-machinable surcharge.

Why should I use 3D’s mailing services?

For the convenience, as well as the time and cost savings. We can do it all for less stress and money than it would cost to ship the finished product to you and for you to prepare the mailing yourself.

How much does it cost?

$75 set-up fee, $100 per thousand pieces, plus postage.

What file formats are acceptable for mailing lists?

Excel spreadsheet (.xls) or comma separated values file (.csv). Files should be supplied in sort order by zip code (or zip+4 if you have it). The lists you supply should contain only those columns that will print. All extraneous data must be removed prior to submission of your list.

When will you need my mailing list?`

We will need your mailing list in hand by the time you approve your proofs.

How should I send my mailing list?

Smaller files (less than 10mb) can be sent via email to your account manager. Please title your file with your company name and order number. If your list is larger than 10mb, we offer private and secure FTP access. Please contact us at 860-756-0860 for more information.

How safe is my mailing list?

We understand that your mailing list is your #1 asset. As such, we take protecting the privacy of your list very seriously. We offer nondisclosure agreements, and would be happy to send you a signed copy.

What if we need to make changes to our list after we send it to you?

For the protection of your data, it is our policy not to modify (add / delete) records after your list has been supplied to us. If any changes to your list are necessary, we will delete the file on record, and ask you to send a new one.

Can I choose the format of the addressing on the envelopes?

Certainly. Some people like the recipient’s name on the top line; others prefer the company name on the first line. Please provide us with your desired format, for example:

First and Last Name
Company Name
Address 1
Address 2
City, State Zip

Will I get to see a proof?

Absolutely! Prior to mailing, we will print 2 – 3 addressed envelopes and email images of them to you for your review and approval. In fact, we will not proceed until we receive final approval.

Can you mail internationally?

Yes. Please supply international addresses on a separate list.

How will these mail?

We can mail via First Class or Standard Mail, using stamps or a postal indicia. We mail from zip code 78852. Delivery time and postage costs will vary according to the method you choose. We’re happy to help you select the best method for your mailing:

Standard Presort (with indicia) - 2-3 weeks delivery
1st Class Presort (with indicia or stamp) – 1-week delivery
First Class (with stamp) – 2-3 days delivery

Can I choose the stamps?

We offer a choice of two “Forever” stamps: Holiday Baubles or Liberty Bell. We can also mail using a postal indicia, instead of a stamp.

How do I pay for postage?

We require payment of the postage before the actual mailing and will invoice you for the estimated cost when you place your order. You pay us, and we pay the USPS. If you are using an indicia, we must receive your postage payment 7 days prior to the mail date and 10 days prior if you are using stamps. Once the mailing has taken place we will adjust any discrepancies in the postage payment up or down on your final invoice.

Can I pay for postage with a credit card?

Yes, but we prefer payment by check. If you pay by credit card, we will need to add a 3.5% credit card processing fee.

How will I know when you’ve mailed my cards?

Within 24 hours of your cards being delivered to the post office, we will email you a PDF copy of the postal report. For Standard Mail, this is known as form 3602; for First Class mail it is form 3600.